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Travel Route Optimizer (TRO) builds an optimial (minimum travel distance or cost) route for given set of addresses and corresponding pair-wise travel distances.

  1. Consistently provides minimum travel distance routes,
  2. Uses google maps to for driving distances
  3. User needs to supply only addresses to be visited,
  4. Takes input in simple spreadsheet format,
  5. Output gives the addresses sorted in the sequence to visit, and
  6. Scaleable.
TRO Applications
  1. Scheduling sales force personnel for customer visits,
  2. Routing of trucks for delivery of goods from warehouses to depots or pick-up of parcel post,
  3. Door-delivery of meals by pizza and other food chains,
  4. Scheduling of service calls at cable firms, and
  5. Debt Collection Logistics
Salient Features
  1. Application provides non-street jumping solution.
Three steps to running TRO
  1. Register for free trial.
  2. Prepare addresses list as per this spreadsheet.
  3. Upload & submit job to get the optimized route!
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